Maggi Middle East’s full revamp!

I can help you infuse Maggi’s playful brand into your PowerPoint presentations, making them engaging, visually appealing, and perfectly aligned with the brand’s identity.

We developed a presentation design language specifically tailored to Maggi’s content, which heavily relies on numbers. Using custom shapes with a “sketch” style, we transformed the content into visually appealing slides. These presentations were utilized in both internal and external meetings and events, and we are proud of the impressive results.

The brief

Do something about these slides!

The objective was to transform the ordinary slides, containing conventional graphs, tables, and statistics, into a presentation that embodies Maggi’s brand personality of being enjoyable, self-assured, and attractive.

The challenge

Complicated brand

Applying Maggi’s “sketch” style to professional data is a significant challenge despite the brand’s seemingly simple approach.

Taking over all of Maggi’s presentation needs.

The Results

Maggi’s presentations were given a unique touch with a library of custom hand-sketched shapes and icons, all designed to be on-brand and fun. The success of these presentations led to a larger project of revamping the company’s entire presentation output, slide by slide.

Our work also extended to creating wrappers and speaker slides for Maggi’s regional and international events. Our efforts were noticed even at the HQ level, resulting in a consistent and impressive look for Maggi’s PowerPoint presentations worldwide.

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