Maggi Middle East’s full revamp!

Channelling Maggi’s fun brand into PowerPoint, making presentations fun, attractive and definitely on-brand.

A presentation design language was crafted, a language that fits Maggi’s number-heavy content turning everything into visually appealing slides. Relying heavily on “sketch” styled custom shapes. The result was presentations that were used both in events, external and internal meetings that we all are proud to present.

The brief

Do something about these slides!

The brief was turning those typical slides that are filled with “PowerPointy” graphs, tables and numbers into something that reflect’s Maggi’s brand in terms of fun, confidence and appeal.

The challenge

Complicated brand

Though it may seem that Maggi’s brand is simple, using their “sketch” style and applying it to professional data is the biggest challenge.

Taking over all of Maggi’s presentation needs.

The Results

A full library of hand-sketched shapes and icons was created to use in Maggi’s presentations, all custom made to be fun and on-brand. With the massive success of our very presentations, the scope expanded to take over the company’s presentation output, revamping everything slide by slide.

The scope also included working on wrappers and speaker slides for Maggi’s regional and international events and our presentations took notice even in the HQ affecting the look & feel of Maggi’s PowerPoint presentations across the world.

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