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Developing the ability to create and deliver impactful presentations is crucial. This course is specifically designed to enhance your skills in presentation creation and help you visualize your ideas with greater clarity.

Why do I need Presentation Training?

With our assistance, you can boost your presentation production skills and eliminate any wasted time spent on trying to enhance your slides. Say goodbye to the frustration of having to redo slides due to their unappealing appearance.

Our program teaches you fundamental design principles, including the dos and don’ts of presentation creation, and how to maintain a clean and organized presentation.

Customized corporate training courses

We will explore your goals and current challenges to create a customized course that aligns with your vision.

Our courses are specifically designed to meet the needs of your brand, ensuring that all departments produce impressive results consistently. Throughout the course, we will analyze existing presentations to demonstrate how the application of what you learn can immediately improve your presentation skills.

I would like to start by thanking you for the efforts placed behind the training. I had a recent experience where our Business Excellence Department team was developing a pitch for a new business, we were struggling for a full month in developing a clear and structured presentation. 

I received the updated presentation this morning, and I can confidently say that “I am impressed by the transformation of the presentation skills of my team, Thank you!”

Salah Yamout

Chief Operating Officer, AW Rostamani

Your training was brilliant!! All of us have totally loved it and the team was very happy and excited to know the new functionalities and the tips and tricks. Very educational, interesting and your work is just amazing – the fact that you’re the designer and the teacher, provides a very personal and deeper understanding to the content. We are so glad and happy to have attended your training, thank you for sharing the knowledge and your insights. Our team is very pumped up to take on PPT’s now.

Monika Pasricha

Digital Asset Coordinator - Group Communications, DP WORLD

Our marketing team attended the ‘’Advance Presentology’’ training with Sami who has been great in delivering the course with a lot of enthusiasm and interest in engaging us in the session. Learning the power point techniques and tips for a better presentation was very helpful. Sami has also redesigned our presentation slides and I can say he’s very creative and talented. We really enjoyed the training and I strongly recommend this workshop to others.

Lara Malaeb

Director – Business Development & Marketing, RAK ICC

What goes into each course?

Getting Started with PowerPoint

PowerPoint user interface


Working with text

Editing text

Checking spelling and grammar

Understanding font formatting

Applying font formatting

Applying paragraph formatting

Changing bullet and numbering styles

Moving and resizing placeholders



Drawing shapes

Resizing shapes

Editing shapes

Positioning shapes

Arranging shapes

Merging shapes

Formatting shapes

Using the eyedropper

Copying shapes

Aligning shapes using the ribbon

Aligning objects using the smart guides

Inserting and formatting text

Connecting shapes

Grouping shapes

Rotating shapes


Building your presentation content

Editing slide content

Formatting inserted images

Creating notes pages

Reading view

Working with text, images, visual effects

Inserting images

Adding and editing animations

Transitions and slide sorter

Design tools

Understanding templates

Applying themes to a slide show

Customizing a theme in the Slide Master view

Designing Presentations

Building better slides

Working with text

Filling in an existing text area

Adding and styling text boxes

The Format pane

Autofit and text boxes

Styling text with WordArt

Formatting the whole presentation


The Slide Master view

Editing the Slide Master

Creating custom slide layouts

Adding a custom slide layout

Completing the custom layout

Applying the custom layout

Customizing a presentation theme

Changing a theme’s visual scheme


Using Tables, Charts, and SmartArt

Giving structure to your content

Transforming text into SmartArt

Formatting bulleted lists as SmartArt

Visually editing a flowchart

Styling a piece of SmartArt

Piecing together SmartArt

Styling charts and graphs


Adding Graphics and Multimedia to Your Presentation

Beyond bulleted lists and bar graphs

Recoloring and adjusting images

Cropping an image

Reordering images

Adding visual impact with animations

Creating a crossfade effect

Creating complex scenes by clustering animations

Enriching slides with sound effects

Adding background sounds to a presentation

Trimming and triggering sound effects

Adding custom actions to slide objects

Integrating video into a presentation

Embedding and formatting video

Media compression and compatibility


Laying out slide elements

Taking advantage of the grid

Working with alignment guides

Delivering presentations

Preparing for your presentation

Setting up the slide show

Controlling your presentation from the keyboard

Active work

Dos and Don’ts in design

Building Cover slides

Building index slides

Building content slides

Advanced transitions (Morphing)

Advanced Animations

Using Zoom


Cropping and compressing images

Sharing a Presentation with a Remote Audience

Embedding the Fonts in a Presentation

Encrypting a Presentation

Compressing Pictures

PDF format Options


Creating custom slide shows

Presenting in slide show preview

Mission control: PowerPoint’s presenter view

Using speaker notes

Formatting and printing notes pages

Designing a printed handout

Navigating with the slide sorter

Going to a black or white screen

Focusing audience with the Pen tools

Using the laser pointer and highlighter

Keeping ink annotations


Rehearsing your presentation

Recording slide and presentation timings

Recording narration and pointer movements

Tweaking and removing timings, narration, and laser pointer movements

Designed for you to excel

Many courses focus on explaining what tools do but fail to teach how to use them effectively. Learning how to plan and achieve desired results is crucial to creating visually appealing and engaging presentations. Paying attention to the finer details in design can elevate the quality of content.

Unparalleled support

Feel free to ask any questions or provide feedback, and you can even share your work for expert review. Our direct communication channels ensure a comprehensive experience, leaving no detail overlooked.

Immidiate Effect

Learn everything you need to know to PowerPoint. Make some sophisticated presentations


Get the basics right

Learn how to add and edit text, images, graphs, and animation; format slides for consistency

Turn content into visuals

Ditch the bullet points, learn how to communicate your content effectively visually to engage your audience

Correct structures

Learn how to structure your presentation to include insights and supporting data in an logical order with a punch

Master Slides

Learn how to set up, prepare, and create templates in the PowerPoint Slide Master

PowerPoint to iOS

Did you know there is a native app for iOS devices? Learn how to use it and take your presentation with you everywhere!

Total of 6 hours per course.

Can be done in one or two days.

Day 1

Total Length

PowerPoint fundamentals
Tools overview
Using tools the right way
Tips and tricks and productivity hacks
Preparing the content for designing

Day 2

Total Length
3 Hours

Advanced transitions
Advanced animations
Creating consistency
Design dos and don’ts
Applying design principles
Active part (redesigning slides together)


$3200 per team (min 3 people – max 5 people)
Pricing for larger groups upon request.

We will contact you to confirm the date you're comfortable with

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