Turn presentations into experiences

Using design and storytelling methods,  communicate ideas in a way that persuades your audiences.

Your audience will thank you.

No matter where you're standing, there is a solution that suits your requirements. Turn your ideas into a reality.

Fresh Start

Got an idea? I’ll craft your vision into a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation that will help you maximize your first impression and set you apart


Got a presentation but it’s not getting the results you’d like? Using your existing deck, redesign your presentation and into a compelling visual story.


Get a high quality custom presentation templates that maintain your brand guidelines and create a consistent look across all your decks

Event Wrapper

Create a seamless flow of your event’s presentations and house keeping slides. Forget blank screens in between presentation!

Online Presentation

Optimize your presentations for online viewing with pixel-perfect designs that impress across all devices and browsers


You can have the best courses in the world, but if it doesn’t engage your audience and deliver your message seamlessly, it’s pointless.


Trusted by big brands.

Step away from boring

A successful design is a result of both an analytical and creative approach. Before starting the process I discuss not only what you want to see, but what you want to accomplish.

One size does not fit all

Each purpose requires a different type of presentation, check what fits you the most

Infographics & Data

Communicate your ideas clearly and bring those messages to life.


Close that sale! Go well beyond bullet points and boring corporate design


Touch enabled presentation, works with any mobile device.

Video Presentation

An automated PowerPoint that can be exported as a video

Sami Kayyali Presentation Design Service

Improve your presentation skills!

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