DIDI set an ambitious goal of becoming the “MIT of the Middle East”. To match their forward-thinking approach, they required a presentation of equal caliber.

Due to the institute’s emphasis on design and innovation, a conventional approach to content creation was not feasible. Hence, everything had to be crafted from scratch to align with DID’s distinctive brand identity and foresight. The outcome is a remarkable presentation, just as futuristic as DIDI itself.

Have a look at the case video below. Everything you see is created in PowerPoint.



The initial slides contained little content and were clean, but lacked a distinctive brand identity and impact. Our team was ready to take on the task of creating a visually engaging presentation.



To make progress, we needed to thoroughly examine and comprehend DIDI’s visual identity. Once we achieved this, we began transforming it into dynamic components and features that convey significant information. We created unique shapes, characters, and animation techniques that seamlessly integrate with DIDI’s existing marketing strategies.

Futuristic. Dynamic. Engaging. Spot-on.

The Results

In the end, DID had a very strong sales & marketing PowerPoint presentation that stands out. Moreover, it represents that character of DIDI, keeping design and innovation at its core. The latest design technologies, futuristic and ambitious.

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