Beyond Linear

The marketing & sales team decided to present their products & solutions portfolio with this eye-catching non-linear PowerPoint

LEDVANCE is one of the world‘s leaders in general lighting for lighting professionals as well as end-users, offering a broad variety of LED luminaires, advanced LED lamps, intelligent Smart Home & Smart Building solutions as well as traditional light sources. Offices in more than 50 countries and business activities in more than 140 countries

The request was to develop a large & interactive presentation to assist the team in pitching products & services.

Have a look at the case video below. Everything you see is created in PowerPoint.


Redesigning the approach

The job is split into two tasks; modernizing the content visually and think about a different approach on how to showcase the large portfolio of products and projects. With a portfolio as big as Ledvance’s having a traditional linear presentation where you go through the content slide by slide is not the most efficient way. Hence, an app-like presentation where there is a home menu and the user chooses what to view is created.

The challenge

Link them up!

Specs, solutions and projects of all products required unifying to have a solid look & feel across the presentation. With over 700 products across 5 categories and 28 sub-categories, a complicated slide-linking map was required, a user should have the smoothest transitions between any section. 

“Sami revamped our corporate presentation and add his design touches and interactivity to slides to make your presentations more engaging. When it comes to the presentation there are many companies, but Sami help us take it next level. The best part was that I could completely trust his work, design capabilities & professionalism to represent our company to our clients.”

Melike Gorgenc

Marketing Manager MEA at OSRAM

The Results

The team at Ledvance now uses a truely interactive presentation that is easy to edit, expand or slice up. With all of the porfolio loaded, The team got their hands on a presentation that is on brand, visually appealing and embedding everything they need to close more deals.

As the presentation is interactive, the team is able to navigate freely and take their potential clients on a journey that fits the topics that they are interested in. The presentation style that I developed is now the benchmark within the Ledvance will be transformed to a PowerPoint template as well.

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