Complete corporate presentation solution

Glander Bunkering assigned us to work on a template to cover all of their presentation needs.

We created over 80 different types of graphs, 200 customized icons, and 30 transparent PNG borders, devices, and on-brand objects for you to use. We also built a beautiful template from scratch.

Each slide is pre-formatted, pre-animated, and can easily accommodate any type of content with just a few clicks.

Have a look at the case video below. Everything you see is created in PowerPoint.


Unifying the outcome

Global Bunkering has introduced a new brand, which requires the creation of a versatile template that can cater to all departments.

This template should include all necessary slide designs, icon library, and library of tables and graphs that may be required in the coming year. It is imperative that the template works seamlessly across various platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

The challenge

Masters of predictions

In order to begin, it was necessary to have a thorough comprehension of the industry and research the audience as well as the type of content that would be included in the template.

The goal was to create a comprehensive template that could accommodate any type of content, all while ensuring that it was simple to use and modify.

Cutting presentation creation time in half!

The Results

A user-friendly template has been developed that simplifies the process of loading any type of content with just a single click.

The content automatically gets optimized to match the brand’s fonts, colors, and shapes, making it look visually appealing. Moreover, a vast collection of transparent images, including icons, shapes, graphs, and devices, has been curated for the company to use in any way they want.

This has significantly reduced the time and effort required to create a presentation, resulting in a stunning and enjoyable experience for both the user and the audience.

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