Top 10 Lesser-Known Features in PowerPoint

PowerPoint is a versatile and widely used presentation software, but many remarkable features often go unnoticed. Beyond the basics of creating slides, text, and visuals, PowerPoint offers a treasure trove of lesser-known tools and functions that can significantly enhance your presentations. In this blog post, we will uncover the top 10 hidden gems in PowerPoint that you might not be aware of.

1. Morph Transition:

Morph is a powerful transition effect that seamlessly animates objects from one slide to another. It’s ideal for creating smooth, cinematic transitions between slides and emphasizing visual continuity.

2. Designer:

PowerPoint Designer automatically suggests design improvements for your slides. It can help you select better layouts, choose colour schemes, and make your presentations look more polished and professional.

3. Presenter Coach:

Did you know PowerPoint can provide feedback on your presentation skills? The Presenter Coach evaluates your pacing, tone, and language, offering suggestions to help you become a more engaging speaker.

4. Zoom Slides:

Zoom slides allow you to create interactive presentations where you can jump to different sections, making non-linear navigation a breeze. It’s perfect for interactive storytelling and dynamic presentations.

5. Live Captions and Subtitles:

For accessibility and inclusivity, PowerPoint can generate live captions and subtitles during your presentations. It’s a game-changer for engaging audiences with varying language proficiency or hearing impairments.

6. Audio and Video Trimming:

You can trim audio and video files directly within PowerPoint, eliminating the need for external editing software. This feature helps you fine-tune media elements to perfectly fit your presentation’s timing.

7. Recording Slide Narrations:

PowerPoint enables you to record narrations for your slides. This feature is handy for creating self-paced e-learning modules, webinars, or tutorials with synchronized audio.

8. Eyedropper Tool:

The eyedropper tool allows you to match colors precisely. Use it to pick a color from an image or another part of your slide to ensure your design is consistent and visually pleasing.

9. Smart Lookup:

Get quick access to definitions, images, and information related to your presentation content with Smart Lookup. This feature integrates web-based research tools into PowerPoint.

10. Ink Replay:

If you’re using a touch-enabled device, Ink Replay lets you replay your ink strokes on a slide, creating dynamic drawings, diagrams, or annotations. It’s perfect for live sketching and visual explanations.


PowerPoint is more than just slides and bullet points. These hidden features can elevate your presentations, making them more engaging, visually appealing, and accessible. Take the time to explore these tools and incorporate them into your next PowerPoint presentation to truly stand out and deliver a memorable experience to your audience. PowerPoint’s potential goes far beyond the surface, and these lesser-known features are the keys to unlocking its full capabilities.

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