Revamp Your Presentation

Take it to the next level

Why do you need this?

You have a presentation but it’s not really working for you.

Using it as a foundation, a new presentation will be crafted by distilling the information and redesigning the slides to retell your story in an interactive and engaging way.

Much more than a retouch

It’s not just a makeover – make your presentations communicate better, focus on telling your story while we do the design heavy-lifting. Remove the typical bullet-point and turn that into beautiful visuals that delivers the information in the most easy-to-digest way.

Impressive visuals


Easy to edit

Works with legacy software


Keep the original flow and clicks

Master template included

One month of support

Connect with audience

Stories resonate with people, not facts. Using the information you provide to us, we’ll craft a compelling story that will hook in your audience.

What to expect?

Tailored graphics

Boost each slide’s impact using high-end animated visuals. Our custom graphics bring your story to life and provide visual references.

Flawless results

Our use of imagery, custom illustrations, and animations will help you communicate your key points in a more effective and memorable way.

Quick turn around

Focus on consistent formatting, layout, and style guide compliance. All work is done in PowerPoint or Keynote to ensure that 100% of your content is editable.

One size does not fit all

Each purpose requires a different type of presentation, check what fits you the most

Infographics & Data

Communicate your ideas clearly and bring those messages to life.


Close that sale! Go well beyond bullet points and boring corporate design


Touch enabled presentation, works from any electronic device.

Video Presentation

An automated PowerPoint that can be exported as a video

Ready to take the first steps?

Ace your next idea

Sami Kayyali Presentation Design Service

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