Revamp Your Presentation

Looking sloppy? Never fear. Get your content looking great so you can present your slides with professionalism and confidence..

What is a revamp anyway?

You have a presentation but it’s not really working for you. Using the brand and the content as a foundation, a new presentation will be crafted from scratch redesigning the slides to retell your story in an interactive and engaging way. Everything is customized to your content and absolutly nothing is off the shelf.

Complete redesign

We keep the content, the clicks yet we completely redesign the experience


Impressive visuals

Bring your content to life with visual aids that support your story


Easy to edit

You will receive a fully editable deck that you can edit and reuse in the future

Great animations

Smooth video-like custom animations. Not the cheesy kind.


Two rounds of full revisions to make sure the result is satisfactory


PDF Version

Two version will be provided. Digital and Print-ready.


Trusted by big brands.

Much more than a retouch

It’s not just a makeover – make your presentations communicate better, focus on telling your story while design heavy-lifting is done for you. Remove the typical bullet-point and turn that into beautiful visuals that delivers the information in the most easy-to-digest way.

Present with confidence

Stories resonate with people, not facts. We are partners in this. We will work together in crafting the best way to present your story and achieve your presentation purpose. We will support your goal in every way possible

Supporting multiple platforms

Case Studies

Take a look at some of the projects that have been done for clients in various industries.

Become a presentologist in just 3 sessions.

Knowing how to build and edit presentation is a great skill. Especially if you got one of our presentations. Those skills will empower you to get the most out of the slides as well as edit them for future usage

Get your presentation revamped today

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