Why should you use visuals for presentation?

Making use of visuals for presentations helps you in all sorts of ways as a form of presentation support. You can think of helping bring the message across as well as managing your time better. But visuals will help your audience most of all. Ideas that are expressed with visually appealing slides instead of spoken or in text are processed 60.000 times faster. This huge difference will help give a lasting impression on your audience. When implementing visuals for your presentation, the audience is more likely to remember your content, it will create more interaction by creating inclusiveness and this will also make you a better communicator while presenting.

When do you want to use visuals for presentations?

Visuals for presentations are a good way to bring your ideas across to your audience, by making the audience think about the visual aspects of your presentation. You can often make a visual that represents the core message of a slide, by using the key data points that you are mentioning, not to repeat it, but to further clarify and point out those topics. It is also important to make the information interesting, but not self-explanatory when creating visuals for your presentation.

When making visually appealing presentations you want to be able to support your story with the visuals. When there is too much information on the screen, people will zone out by reading the presentation instead of listening to your story.

Always make sure the visuals for presentations connect to your story

The best presentations that make use of visually appealing slides are the ones that are supported by a presenter’s story. There has to be a balance between the visuals and your own message that you present so that it won’t take away the audience’s attention from your presentation. When you are making your visuals for presentation purposes, you always have to keep in mind that they must not take over your own presentation, but support it.

Main ways to add elements for visually appealing slides

There are 4 different great ways to take your visual presentation creation to the next level. You can choose from data, video, diagrams or photos. Each has its own benefit:

  1. Data: Outlining the most important pieces of data in a nice image, with contrasting colours to draw attention to the datapoint leaving the other data in a basic colour to support context. This makes the visuals for your presentations supportive of the message you are trying to bring across
  2. Video: Can be used to change the pace, medium and tone of a presentation. This also creates the opportunity for you to gather your thoughts and move your presentation further in the right direction when the short video is finished.
  3. Diagrams: This option helps with making important pieces of information more understandable by creating a little context with the data, and using key icons that assist the information that is shown. For example, a picture of a computer for desktop users or a phone icon for mobile devices.
  4. Photo: This aspect will help personalise a presentation, and give it more of human touch by using visuals that people recognize from their daily lives. 



Using visuals for presentation requires a good understanding of your content. If you need help, we at Sami Kayyali are equipped with the right experience to create beautiful and professional presentations. Whether you need it for print or digital online platforms, we can help you with every step of the way from design to content creation. So for help with professional use of visually appealing presentations, see our services for more practical tips and help with powerful designs.

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