Presentation Types

Long gone the one-size-fit-all approach. Audiences are expecting experiences. Different settings require different experiences. Check out the different types we offer that will elevate your presentation to the next level.

level-up your stories by utilizing cinematic visuals and imagery to showcase your brand in it’s best light through bespoke presentation design and storytelling. We work with any brand standards and transform your content into an impressive visual presentation design.


Communicate your complicated data in a visually rich graphics and animations that break down ideas and makes information easy for your audience to digest. Forget bullet point and forget tables, this is the new way of delivering data.

Custom Visuals

Zero bullet-points

Easy to edit

No Tables

Sleek Animations

No plugins


Whether it’s a diagram or a technical drawing, infographics are a visual representation of your words and data. Replacing raw data with infographics will visualize the information to your audience and help them retain more of what you are saying.

Sleek Design

Modern & professional animations


Beautiful tables & graphs

Flexible screen-ratios

Easy to edit


Forget linear presentations, put the audience in the centre of attention and go through your presentation depending on what the audience likes the most. Interactive presentations get to have a home page which allows you to jump between sections, Tablet/phone integration and app-like friendliness.


Non-linear presentation

Works with mobile devices

App-like look & feel

Easy to edit

Use as a normal presentation

Video Presentation

Your presentation doesn’t have to be limited to the conference room. Convert your slides to videos that you can easily upload to any video sharing site. These can help you reach audiences from around the globe, whether they’re using their phones while commuting or are watching away in the comfort of their own homes. Add voice over and it can do the talking for you.

Custom ratios

MP4/WMV formats

Super easy to edit

Voice-over option

No rendering

Timed & automated

We dive deep

We take an effort in truly understanding your objectives and developing a presentation with a punch. Whether it’s for a company, personal or for an event. We make tools work for you.

We go above and beyond

We are proud to always exceed expectations. We thrive on the word “wow” and “I can’t believe it’s PowerPoint”, this is when we know we have delivered.

We work across multiple platforms

Case Studies

Take a look at some of the projects we have done for clients in various industires.

Need training? Become a presentologist in just 3 sessions.

Knowing how to build and edit presentation is a great skill. Especially if you got one of our presentations. Those skills will empower you to get the most out of the slides as well as edit them for future usage

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