PowerPoint Gone Mad!

Collaborating with PHD has become a frequent opportunity for us to explore the limits of what can be accomplished with PowerPoint.

The annual thought-leadership conference hosted by PHD has become a highly anticipated event for the tech, marketing, and advertising community. Each year, it features exciting speakers and explores topics of interest to all.

Over the past 10 years, we have worked to elevate the conference by crafting some of the most complex presentations ever created on PowerPoint. From designing speaker introduction slides that are out of this world to working on a 12m wide screen, we have helped take the conference to new heights.

Check out the case video below to see everything we created using only PowerPoint.

100% PowerPoint 100% Awesome

The brief

Make the hearts pump!

At BrainScape, the production is grand and the on-screen content must live up to the expectations and even surpass them. The spotlight is always on the stage and screen, and every detail matters. To ensure a seamless event production, We use PowerPoint to design an event wrapper.

This encompasses everything displayed on the screen during presentations, such as introductions, housekeeping information, speaker bios, and break-out session details. It may sound straightforward, but it’s crucial that the screen content is impressive and leaves the attendees in awe.

The challenge

Make ’em go WOW!

PHD strives for the “WOW” effect year after year. Impressions are hard to come by these days, as people have seen so much that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to surprise them. Given that screens are now central to most events, we had to push PowerPoint to the limit, using only the most powerful machines to run our event-wrapper.

Our role involved creating visually stunning and immersive experiences, along with top-notch audio production. Our team faced a range of challenges, from working with odd ratios (such as a 12-meter widescreen) to last-minute changes (thanks, PowerPoint!). Despite these obstacles, we’re proud to say that we successfully overcame them all, without any hiccups. This is a yearly achievement that we’re proud of.

“To say you brought the WOW effect is an understatment.”

Felicity Stroes
PHD’s Head of marketing

The Results

Year after year, the audience and PHD were impressed by the exceptional presentations. Every challenge was met with a positive attitude and a determination to excel, resulting in PowerPoint slides that were so complex that many couldn’t believe they were created on the platform.

These impressive presentations were recognized with awards. Moving forward, we are excited to continue pushing boundaries alongside PHD and see where it will take us.

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