Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority

Newly rebranded, ECA needed a presentation that fits their brand new, kids-oriented brand.

Being a governmental authority with a truly “funky” brand, research on traditional and local textures was necessary which was successfully reflected in the overall design. With customized illustrations, funky designs a dynamic PowerPoint presentation like no other was crafted from scratch.

Have a look at the case video below. Everything you see is created in PowerPoint.


Customise everything!

Being a kids-oriented brand, ECA’s brand relies heavily on illustrations to convey messages. The brief was to completely revamp their content and put it together in a presentation that breathes their new brand.

While designing the deck, instructions were to have a touch of Emirati heritage embedded into the customised shapes, illustrations and backgrounds. All while keeping their colours in the forefront.

The challenge

Localized design, worldwide quality.

With a brand like ECA’s, it’s impossible to just start off designing based on a typical corporate and known design. Before a single stroke was made, A deep dive was made into UAE’s heritage to understand patterns, colours and lines.

Over 4 design options were created stretching from simple to complicated all inspired by ECA’s other communications, that wasn’t enough for though, it was taken to the next level using animations and custom made graphics for each slide.

Easy to edit, engaging and a proud representative of the city of Dubai

The Results

ECA’s presentation stands out from the crowd, a truly on-brand presentation that all of us are proud to present.

The best thing about the presentation other than being gorgeous is how easy it is to edit and update.

ECA’s team was proud to have this project done with only one revision, a true statement on how the presentation process really hits the mark.

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