Dubai’s Official Presentation

Ministry of tourism required an easy to edit, beautiful interactive presentation to be used by the sales team in different world-wide exhibitions

Any device with a screen can run the deck, including iOS and Android devices. Being touch-friendly, the presentation reflected an app-like behavior yet it is easy to edit since it’s full made in PowerPoint

The overall look and feel was designed to fit the city’s new brand identity.

Have a look at the case video below. Everything you see is created in PowerPoint.


Rich content. Easy to edit.

With over 700 slides of content, there was no easy to just line up the content. We were requested to redesign the presentation and bring it to the new brand as well as come out with a new way to go through the presentation. The most important bit is that contious updates will take place so everything needs to be extremely easy to edit.

The challenge

It’s not just a presentation

Starting off, every slide needs to be brought to brand, a complete overhaul making sure the whole deck looks unified and with that vast amount of content, we needed to organize the content in a way that’s easy to understand and apply UI/UX principles since the presentation will be touch-enabled.

This means we need to this about the presentation very differently, understanding how the screen will be held to position everything where it’s supposed to be. Besides, we needed to deeply understand the new brand since the presentation will be Dubai’s representation in tourism exhibitions across the world.

Easy to edit, engaging and a proud representative of the city of Dubai

The Results

The team ended up with a presentation that’s beautiful to present and engages the audience. A lot of stands in exhibitions had tablet poles where attendees could scroll through the presentation on their own.

All devices were connected to Dropbox and one single person was responsible to edit and update the decks. Once updated, every device across the globe get the latest version automatically.

We moved on to design 2 more presentations with the same principles for other targeted industries. If anything we take pride for being responsible for presenting the city of Dubai, where we are based, and being part of the incredible success

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