Long partnership with DP World

For the past three years, we have maintained a continuous partnership with DP World, catering to their various presentation requirements for training sessions, events, meetings, and reports across all departments.

As an organization with a global presence and a workforce of 30,000 employees, revamping DP World’s investor review presentation proved to be a challenging yet rewarding task.

This led to further collaborations with other departments within the company, resulting in the creation of over 3,000 slides covering topics such as investment, services, charity, e-learning, marketing, sales reports, and employee onboarding.

Please take a moment to review the information below for a glimpse of the work we did for DP World.


Revamped and unified

There are numerous departments and thousands of individuals, resulting in various presentations that do not seem to originate from the same organization.

DP World has approached us to develop a consistent language for all sorts of content they present, as well as to revamp existing presentations. In order to visualize and design their data, it is necessary to have a deep comprehension of each department’s distinct requirements, whether it is for their training or logistics needs. or logistics needs.


Modern & Dynamic

Using PowerPoint we’ve managed to recreate DP World’s slide into an engaging experience. Using animations the content was simplified and turned bullet-points into visually appealing designs.

The challenge

Understanding the differences

When collaborating with various departments such as marketing, communications, training, and logistics, it’s essential to understand each department’s unique needs. Particularly with training, we revamped and redesigned over 1800 slides, including introductions, quizzes, and strategy preparation.

Through this process, we developed a beautiful and immersive design language that can adapt to present and future requirements. As time went on, we expanded our work to creating interactive, corporate, infographic, and video presentations, and we welcome any challenges that come our way.

One company, one brand, many departments, 30,000+ employees. United.


The Results

Greetings! We have developed a design language that draws inspiration from various forms of communication, ensuring that each slide is an extension of your brand. We have customized all elements used in the presentations to fit your brand perfectly.

Our team has created a wide range of presentations, such as reports, exhibitions, strategies, plans, and even investors’ reports. Audiences have expressed their love for how easy it is to navigate through the content, while our team is thrilled with how simple it is to edit and update the presentations.

The Training department has reported a significant increase in engagement and results, thanks to the redesigned content that is now delivered in a simple yet engaging way. Every department now has presentations that they are proud of and happy to work on, especially since they are done in PowerPoint, which means that updating them takes only a few clicks.


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