Long partnership with DP World

An on-going relationship which has started 2 years ago, we covered DP World’s departments’ needs for any presentation at any training, events, meetings or reports.

Being an organization with over 30,000 employees with office across the globe, it started as a beautiful challenge to revamp DP World’s presentations. We worked on presentations different teams and departments.

Over 3,000 slides have been produced in subjects of investment, services, charity, e-learning, marketing reports, sales reports and employee onboarding.

Have a look at the info below to get a snippet of what we have done for DP world.


Revamped and unified

Different department, thousands of people, this means different presentations that don’t look like they are coming from the same company. DP World asked us to start working on revamping existing presentation and create a unified language for all type of content that they need to present.

Each department has specific requirements that we needed to understand deeply in order to visualize and design their data, whether it’s their training department or logistics.


Modern & Dynamic

Using PowerPoint we’ve managed to recreate DP World’s slide into an engaging experience. Using animations we simplified the content and worked heavily on controlling the audience’s attention.

The challenge

Understanding the differences

Working with multiple departments, from marketing and communications to training and logistics, each department has different requirements and we needed to deeply understand their audience and find a way to represent the brand across all kind of content. One department that stood out is the training department, with over 1800 slides requested, we worked on revamping and redesigning every single aspect of their training presentations, including introductions, quizzes and preparations for new strategies.

We needed to create a design language that’s beautiful, immersive and flexible enough to accommodate current and future requirements. We needed to work on creating interactive, corporate, infographic and video presentations. And boy! We love a challenge.

One company, one brand, many departments, 30,000+ employees. United.


The Results

We love a challenge! We crafted a design language that is inspired by the visuals of other means of communications, making sure every slide is an extension of the brand. Customizing all used objects to fit the brand.

With the vast amount of content we thrived working on interactive presentations for reports, exhibitions, strategies and plans and event investors’ reports. Audiences loved how easy it is to navigate through content, and the team loved how easy it is to edit and update.

Training department reported a rise in engagement and results, due to the redesigned content that’s being delivered in a simple yet engaging way.

Every department now has presentations that they are proud to show and happy to work on, especially that it is done in PowerPoint, that means it takes only a few clicks to update.


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