“How do you price?”

After reviewing your request, available content and objectives, a budget indication is provided based on the amount of work needed to complete your requirement. The more time and more resource-hungry project the more is the cost of the project.

A question that very often is asked: How exactly the price of the services is determined? Detailed below is a list of factors considered before giving a range or number and what each price range typically entails.

During the project, you will be updated regularly, so no surprises occur at completion. The process is fully transparent, so every hour spent on your project can be accounted for.

What affects the price and how can you save?

Preliminary Work

The more information we receive upfront the better we can work using fewer hours. Naturally, if you can demystify complex content and clear doubts early on, we can jump straight into revamping your presentation. Otherwise, we’ll devote extra time to fully understanding and digesting your content before we can start on your presentation all synced-up.

How to save
Give us complete details about your presentation, help us understand your goals and purpose from the beginning, send us the closest thing you have to a final presentation. This saves us time and saves you money.


The more complicated the content is the more it takes to decipher and streamline the content within, that adds up to the amount of work required to revamp the slides.

How to save
Make sure graphs, table or any complicated diagrams are editable this will save the time of re-creating them. Also consider simplifying your message, that’s always better for the audience and definitly would cut cost.

Modifications & Revisions

Projects include 2 rounds of revisions, any additional revisions are often anticipated to either be included in the original estimate or billed separately.

How to save
We’ve found the more people involved the more overwhelming revision can get, especially if we aren’t directly in contact as expectations may not be communicated clearly. We recommend reduce the number of people involved in the process to one main contact.


We strongly recommend that clients come to us as early as possible with the work, the more time we have the more creative and experimental we can get. Understandably, things don’t always work out the way we anticipate and we can put in extra time past operating hours to deliver a solid product for your tight deadlines. However, this could add up to the final quote.

How to save
Simple, give us the maximum lead time to create your presentation. Projects completed in less than 4 business days will be considered rush projects and priced accordingly.

Typically, our standard offerings come with smooth and beautiful animations that fit most content. Should you require more sophisticated or complex animations for your presentation, for an event, for example, that would require more time which could be an additional cost.

How to save
Animations are done to serve the content with no additional costs. Some jobs may require heavy and complex animations, like an event wrapper, for example, is priced differently from a typical corporate presentation.

Slide Number

Needless to say, the amount of slides in a deck affects our consideration on the price. The more slides you have, the more time it will take us to raise the bar on your existing presentations. We recommend fewer, briefer slides that amplify your message rather than overshadow it, hence prior curation is very important.

How to save
As much as possible, try to cut out irrelevant content and unneeded slides to alleviate our team of extensive work on visuals you don’t need.

Case Studies

Take a look at some of the projects that have been done for clients in various industries.

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