PowerPoint Online, Zoom Live, Skype. Whatever live stream tool you’re using, your presentation will be optimization for the best and most impactful experience.


Start with the content, streamline it to the essentials. You are star of your presentation, you are the source of information not the slides.

Remove fancy animations, unnecessary text effects, detailed images. Have a clear and straight to the point slides, your audience attention span online is shorter than being in person.

Turn your slides into a beautiful presentation that grabs the attention of audience. Deliver content that is clear to understand

Ditch the bullet-points, ditch the graphs and replace old-school content with visually impressive infographics, this helps to digestion information in a glance.

Different devices mean different resolutions, screen size and viewing methods. Adjust your presentation to suit them all. Ensure a seamless delivery anywhere in the world.


Engage your audience with interaction tools, polls and quizzes. Get data that helps you to sharpen your message and present better. Focus on the good stuff!


With years of experience in creating beautiful presentation, you are in good hands. I am here to help you present your deck the best way possible using the latest technologies ensuring a long lasting effect and impression on your audience.

Content Consultancy


Edit on the fly

Extend your audience's attention span


Optimization for online & livesteam usage

Interaction solutions

Get the right help


Trusted by big brands.

What to expect?

Pixel Perfect

Slides that are design to perfection. Graphs that are turnt into infographics. Bullet-points turnt into easy to digest snippets. 15 years of designing experience pouring into every presentation created.

Consistant branding

Get a PowerPoint template that is ready to be used online and in line with your corporate branding to help you impress your audience and increase your credibility.

Quick turn around

Understanding everything is last-minute, you need a reliable partner that ensures quick turn around, with satisfactory results.

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For further details about my services or to place an order, please feel free to get in touch with me at +971 55 554 9806 today. You can also email me your requirements or queries at or just fill in my online contact form and I will respond to you shortly. You can also request a quote by filling in a few details!

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Presentation Design Services

Your audience will thank you

Fresh Start

Got an idea or an outline or very basic slides with content? Craft your vision into a PowerPoint presentation that will help you maximize your first impression and set you apart


You have a functional, branded presentation but it looks sloppy? Never fear. Get your content looking great so you can present with professionalism and confidence.


Get a high quality custom-branded presentation templates that maintain your brand guidelines to help you and your team build consistent multiple decks

Event Wrapper

Create a seamless flow of your event’s presentations and house keeping slides. Forget blank screens in between presentation!

Online Presentation

Optimize your presentations for online viewing with pixel-perfect designs that impress across all devices and browsers


You can have the best courses in the world, but if it doesn’t engage your audience and deliver your message seamlessly, it’s pointless.

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