Making PowerPoint Presentation when time is of the essence

Creating a PowerPoint presentation from scratch can be overwhelming for you, especially when you already have a lot on your plate and have zero knowledge about making killer presentations for an important business meeting.

Sometimes, designing a stunning presentation can be pure torture. However, there are certain tips and tricks that you can follow to create stunning presentations without a worry. These simple tricks and tips will give you a basic overview on how to create a smart, clean and attractive PowerPoint presentation without pulling out your hair. Here’s what you can do:

Use Built-in Themes

You do not need to start from scratch. If it is your first time making a presentation, do not get lost in the dazzle and try to design everything yourself. That would take a whole lot of time and effort. Instead, you can use some amazing presentation themes available for free on PowerPoint that are designed by experts. Choose one that you like and you are good to go!

Do Not Overwhelm Your Audience

The basic purpose of a presentation is to support your speech and help you effectively get your point across the room. Adding too many elements in your presentation can quickly shift the limelight from you to your presentation, which is not a good thing if it ends up distracting, or worse, overwhelming your audience. Keep your presentations simple and minimalistic. This is considerably easier and definitely better than wasting your time on making your presentations dazzling.

Use the 2/4/8 Rule

The 2/4/8 rule can help you set the perfect tone for your presentation. The key is to change the slide every 2 minutes. Add only 4 bullet points in each slide and 8 words per point. In this manner, you can keep the slides readable and simple.

Add Graphics and Bullet Points

Adding lists and graphs is always a good idea. Our brains tend to remember the visuals and lists 10 times better than the long monotonous paragraphs of texts. The bullet points and graphics will make your job easier and less time-consuming. Use previously made graphs or tables and just replace the content to save a lot of time.

Creating powerful presentations for important meetings is not an easy job. Having no idea how to do it can make it a lot harder and stressful. What you can do is hire a professional expert to help you out with creating a stunning PowerPoint presentation design. This is so much better than trying to do everything yourself!

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