How to use powerpoint animations properly?

When you want to create cool presentations that make a lasting memory with your audience, Powerpoint animations are just what you are looking for! Using an eye-catching design that speaks to the message that you want to bring across, will help you stand out and look more convincing.

Making use of proper PowerPoint animations can help your audience memorize your information better with the help of well-matched dynamics in your story. Not only will your audience be more invested in your presentation, but animating presentations can also help you time your overall presentation better.

When do you want to use PowerPoint animations?

Powerpoint animations can help you with spicing up presentations to give them a more interesting appearance. In addition, this could also help you with controlling the overall delivery of your presentation, as well as the pace. There are a couple of ways to do so, by creating fluidity from slide to slide or having each slide cut up into different elements that show in steps. 

You always want to have a corresponding look and feel that aligns with your message. Because your audience could get annoyed with the animations that only enhance appearance, you want to be cautious when adding relevant presentation animations. So use your animations sparingly to leave a great and lasting impression. A good guideline to use would be the 80/20 rule. What 20% of your presentation should be noticed by your audience? Make those topics interactive with animations to stand out from the rest of your content.

Types of PowerPoint animations to think about

The first step is to think of how you can make an engaging and interactive presentation, online or in any other programme you’re used to. For PowerPoint presentations, you have the possibility to animate every single element multiple times, with around a hundred different presentation animation options available.

The two main types of PowerPoint animations that you could make use of are transitions and animations. Transitions are a type of animation that you place between your transfer to another slide, with a whole transition pane to choose from. You can think of cutting, fading, morphing or wiping for example, but the options are even more extensive than that!

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