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Hiring a presentation design agency

It is a good idea that you keep maximum information ready. More you know about your project more you are in control and negotiate better.

  • Target audience: Who are your target audience, what are designation bracket, sector or industry, age group, more you know about them more you feed your agency and less they have to work and less may be the price they charge for presentation designing.
  • How its’ going to be presented: It is also an important information that you should share with PowerPoint designing agency. Will it be presented in person where the presenter explains the PPT or will it to go as an attachment in the mail and one has to understand by himself. The agency may need to decide about the format, font size, information on each slide etc. This information may impact cost.
  • The content: Have you prepared your content or you want the agency to write on your behalf. Generally, customers have rough content in form of PPT or word format which is usually not good for presentation making, an agency may suggest to feed them input / rough content and they may like to come up with their own presentation worthy content. you may save some cost by doing that work yourself but that may lead to more time and energy utilization than the cost of content writing.
  • The style: There are numbers of style which may give you a sneak peek of your upcoming final PPT outlook. PowerPoint agencies do have their own list styles and you may help them choosing out of them thus they need not to work from scratch and this should save you a good amount. With style means is not template but a general look n feel of presentation where good ppt designer understands the theme you would be interested in.
  • The timeline: Almost all agencies have this bracket and if you have a tight timeline then you would probably end up paying more for PowerPoint designing. Besides fast working also compromises creativity up to some extent. It is always advisable to plan your PowerPoint presentation in advance and give your agency sufficient time to come up with ideas and creativity.

How the cost of PowerPoint design is determined?

Most of the cost is resource oriented, more resource requirement more will be the cost. While standard packages have already set pattern and assigned manpower with the process & they always tend to cost less and output is reasonable designed, however, more the time and more resource hungry project more is the cost of project.

The parameters which impact the cost

  1. Type of style you need for your presentation
  2. Depth & complexity of the content
  3. Advance animation requirement
  4. Customised design element
  5. Number of slides you require
  6. Timeline ( shorter timeline higher cost)

Understand that design is a process.

1) Art Direction (often referred to as the “look and feel”). At Sami Kayyali we usually take 3 to 5 slides that have varying content and use them to do a first pass on art direction. In this step we determine colors, fonts, image treatments, layouts, etc. These slides may go through a few rounds of revisions

2) Production. This is where we design the rest of the deck using the approved art direction as a guide. Some individual slides may need client approvals, but most of the deck can be fleshed out without further input from the client. After this, the full deck is handed off to the client for approval on design.

3) Finalization. In this step we deal with final revisions, animation and image purchasing. Revisions and structure changes can go back and forth for a bit, but it’s not long before the entire design process is completed.

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