Fresh Start

Get started from scratch the right way, a compelling story, beautiful design and animations that break down ideas in an engaging and fun manner.

Why do you need this?

You got a bunch of ideas require turning into content, then breaking them putting them into slides that looks impressive and engaging

Asking the right questions

Working together to pin down with the presentation’s objectives, audience, location, and method of presenting. Most important ideas will be highlighted and content will be distilled into a straight-to-the-point and easy to digest presentation.

Impressive visuals


Easy to edit

Works with legacy software


Any file works

Master template included

PDF version

Regardless of the source!

Be it a piece of paper, word file, story board. Source doesn’t matter as long as content is received. Ideas will be outlines then crafted into a compelling story lied out in slides that look gorgeous.

What to expect?

Consistant visual style

Maintain your brand guidelines and represent your company or brand in a consistent. If you don’t have any guides, a new visual style will be crafted that suits the topic.

Tables to charts

Have a table that’s hard to understand? Turn it into a chart that is easy to digest in a glance

Flawless results

Our use of imagery, custom illustrations, and animations will help you communicate your key points in a more effective and memorable way.
One size does not fit all

Each purpose requires a different type of presentation, check what fits you the most

Infographics & Data

Communicate your ideas clearly and bring those messages to life.


Close that sale! Go well beyond bullet points and boring corporate design


Touch enabled presentation, works with any mobile device.

Video Presentation

An automated PowerPoint that can be exported as a video

Ready to take the first steps?

Ace your next idea

Sami Kayyali Presentation Design Service

Improve your presentation skills!

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