Event Wrapper

Why do you need this?

Level up your event by using a beautifully animated event wrapper which introduces speakers, presentations and house-keeping information.

Next level wrappers

Gone the days where audience are ok with a blank screen in between presentations. Expectations are getting higher everyday. Events are getting more and more creative. A beautifully crafted event wrapper that contains an intro, speaker introduction slides, house keeping slides and an outro will create a long lasting impact.


Fits all screens


Easy to edit

Works with legacy software

Advances on a click

One click fill


Wow effect!

“Can’t believe it’s not a video!”

Odd screen dimensions are not an issue, get a wrapper that adapts to your vision. The look & feel of the clickable wrapper is similar to a high-end video production, the added value is that you are able to do very last minutes edit as well as having the total control on when to move to the next slides.

No place for hiccups!

What to expect?

Wow effect

Have your event loaded in a single deck to create a seamless look and feel. A deck that consists of an intro, speaker introduction slides, house keeping slides and speaker’s slides, all unified with a single look and feel will guarantee a wow effect and pushes your event a cut above expectations.

Easy to edit

Since it’s a presentation, editing the wrapper is as easy as editing any normal slide. Have you added another speaker? No problem, duplicate the speaker introduction slide and change the text in a matter of seconds.

Beautiful Visuals & animations

All slides are beautiful animated and visually appealing while following the event’s theme. This ensures a consistent feel to your event throughout the day.

One size does not fit all

Each purpose requires a different type of presentation, check what fits you the most

Infographics & Data

Communicate your ideas clearly and bring those messages to life.


Close that sale! Go well beyond bullet points and boring corporate design


Touch enabled presentation, works with any mobile device.

Video Presentation

An automated PowerPoint that can be exported as a video

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