7 Actionable Tips For Creating Presentations That Get Results

When you are hosting an audience that comprises of your prospective clients or customers, investors, sponsors, business partners or stakeholders, colleagues or important officials, you need to present a proposal that must produce your desired result. Your presentation should be powerful, engaging and interactive with a strong call to action. You need to convey your brand message and your business proposal to your audience in an excellent manner and your PowerPoint design is sure to play a pivotal role in it.

A boring, unorganized and cluttered PowerPoint presentation will cause your audience to lose focus in a matter of seconds. Obviously, you do not want that to happen. This is why we have listed down 7 outstanding, effective and actionable tips for creating a presentation design that drives results. These are:

1.Use a Simple Yet Bold Color Palette

When you are creating a PowerPoint design for your business presentation, it is important to use colors that are bold, powerful and resonate with your brand image. However, you must not use too many colors as this can cause distraction and confusion.

2.Use a Unified Background for Consistency

Using a single and unified background for all the slides will add consistency; flow and consolidation to your presentation, thereby making it appear more organized and substantial.

3.Your Content Should be Legible from All Corners of the Room

One of the most important things that you need to take care of while creating a PowerPoint design is to use a font that is readable and understandable from all the corners of the room where your conference is being held.

4.Use One Topic For Each Slide

Too many topics in one slide will not only cause confusion, but also make it hard for your audience to follow along with your presentation and speech.

5.Add Visuals, Illustrations and Graphics 

Use pictures, animations and illustrations that support your content and add more substance to it. A presentation without any colorful visuals will make your audience lose focus rather rapidly.

6.Use Less Text and More Infographics

Nobody likes to read a lot of text on the slides. Add charts, graphs and tables to illustrate and demonstrate important information and stats on your slides. You can use flow charts for presenting steps and maps for location statistics.

7.Use the Rule of Three

Use only three main points to support your key idea and explain each point using three sub-topics. This way, you can avoid overwhelming your audience with loads of information.

You can also hire a professional PowerPoint design specialist or agency to create a mind blowing and result-driven presentation design for you. This will save you both time and effort and help you deliver an excellent presentation.

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