35 Presentation Design Tips That Could Save You Hours Of Work

A great PowerPoint presentation can help you make or break a deal. It is not only a source to convey your message to your audience, but also a way to engage and attract your prospective clients and customers as well as your business partners to work with you. It is important to put in a lot of effort and technique into your PowerPoint designs in order to put forward an excellent presentation. However, none of us have that kind of time to spend hours and hours on creating a single presentation, especially when you are dealing with hundreds of other things at the same time.

Here are 35 interesting PowerPoint design tips and tricks for you that will help you save a lot of time while creating an outstanding presentation!

  1. Plan ahead to save up on time.
  2. Use a pre-designed template to create presentation designs
  3. Try a minimalistic color palette for official presentations
  4. Duplicate objects by selecting the object using the Ctrl key and then dragging the duplicated object to your desired location.
  5. Repeat the steps by using the F4 button to duplicate objects again and again.
  6. Change the object defaults to the ones that you use the most.
  7. Nudge the objects by selecting them and using arrows keys to move them.
  8. Customize your quick access bar with the features that you usually use to save time.
  9. Copy formats using the Format Painter feature
  10. Use Animation Painter to copy animations on each slide
  11. Use the Key Rocket Plug-in
  12. Use a single customized background for all your slides to add consistency.
  13. Convert your Word documents into your slides to save a lot of time.
  14. Add a lot of icons
  15. Create visual hierarchy by creating timelines.
  16. Add flow charts to explain steps and procedures
  17. Use contrasting colors for comparison slides
  18. Get icons and graphics automatically organized on each slide using the Position Labs add-in.
  19. Copy an image’s position on each slide using THOR add-in.
  20. Learn to use Master Slides. It can help you with certain images, logos or text on all the slides at once.
  21. Reuse your old slides by tweaking them a bit according to your needs rather than creating a new one from scratch.
  22. Use charts and graphs to add infographics.
  23. Recover more commands by changing the maximum number of undos in the Editing options in the Advanced settings
  24. Change the fonts on all slides at once by clicking at the Replace button on the Editing menu at Home Tab. This allows you to select the font that you want to format and replace it with the one that you want on all the slides at once.
  25. Use the Eyedropper tool to add color to all your slides
  26. Use the Morph feature to add mind blowing transitions in your slides
  27. Animate rows and columns of your table chart
  28. Use the SmartArt tool to make bullets cooler by selecting the bullets, clicking at the Home button and choosing the Convert to SmartArt tool. Select the layout from the drop down bar.
  29. Format all the pictures on your slide at once by selecting them using a Shift or Ctrl key and selecting the Format button under the Pictures tool on your tab.
  30. Align objects easily by selecting the objects and then clicking on the Align button on the Format tab.
  31. Create customized icons using the Merge Shapes button on the Format menu.
  32. Hide your Hyperlinks by using an object as a link for your URL.
  33. Embed the fonts on your slide to avoid messing the font sizes and positions on different devices. Go to save options on the file menu and click on the embed font checkbox.
  34. Change the size of the image while holding down the Shift key to avoid messing the proportions.
  35. Hire a PowerPoint Design Expert or Agency to create an excellent Powerpoint presentation. This is the ultimate time saving hack!

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