3 Things to Avoid While Making a PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint presentations are a big part of our life. We all need to convey our ideas, messages, or important information to the people and want our audience to understand and remember it. However, in order to make this possible, it is necessary to make a lasting impression on the people. You must advocate and present your idea in such a way that is not only original, interesting, and compelling, but is also easy to understand, grasp, and retain.

Your presentation should not just be a data dump. Writing everything out on a slide and showing it to your audience is not a very smart idea. You want people to get involved, not overwhelmed. This is why you must avoid these 5 common mistakes that people usually make in their PowerPoint design. Let’s take a look:

1. Text Heavy Slides

People do not like to read long paragraphs of information. Instead, they like to focus on the main idea and the key points. A PPT presentation with slides full of text will just fluster your audience causing them to lose focus even more.

To create engaging content, use as little text as possible. Avoid long sentences, paragraphs, and excerpts. Instead, write key ideas on your slide and walk your audience through them. As a presenter, you must be the source of information for the people. Do not use slides for documenting your whole topic.

2.Using Too Many Bullet Points

Bullet points are a good way to present and list down the important points in an organized manner. However, too much of everything can be disastrous. Limit the use of too many bullet points. You can use graphs, charts, tables, and animations to create compelling step processes, timelines, or highlight important points. These will add more value and a systemic approach to your slides making them look more professional, neat, and interesting.

You know what is the worst thing you can do to your audience? Make slides that are unreadable! It is annoying and frustrating when you cannot read the text on the slides. Use a font size for your text and graphics that is comfortably readable from all corners of the room.

Avoiding these basic mistakes can make a huge difference in your presentation and create a lasting impression on your audience. If you still find it hard to produce content that is both super smart and to the point without all the additional fluff, it is best for you to acquire professional presentation design services!

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